Australia's Greatest Mate Winners

Thank you Australia for taking part in our inaugral search for Australia's Greatest Mate! Our judges have submitted their scores and we are proud to announce the winners across all four categories.

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Lu McCulloch is Australia’s Greatest Family Mate. Lu has shown the unwavering love and support to her daughters, her husband, in-laws and extended family in times of need, all who have a cumulative 50 years of Defence Force service including multiple deployments. Her support is vast and enduring to keep the family unit running smoothly. 


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Adele O’Brien is Australia’s Most Life Changing Mate. Adele has show enduring assistance and support to a friend when he was left a paraplegic after a motorbike accident. Adele extended herself to offer accommodation, rehabilitation and family support to her friend and is seen to be a ‘constant companion, cheer squad and cajoler’. 


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Tim Weir is Australia’s Most Dedicated Mate. Tim has been the definition of ‘putting everybody before himself’. Tim has consistently gone above and beyond to make friends, family and work colleagues feel appreciated and valued, offering a sense of humor, support and a listening ear.


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Justin Bygrave is one of two Australia’s Greatest Work Mates. Justin goes above and beyond in his role to raise awareness for a number of charities and is an honest and good-hearted guy always there to support his colleagues.

Ben Jones is also one of Australia’s Greatest Work Mates. Ben has offered ongoing support to work colleagues through sharing stories, information and always remaining non-judgmental and open. Ben is team focused and a positive person to work with.


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