Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges

Mates4Mates conducts holistic rehabilitation programs designed to push participants physically and psychologically in positive environments. Our challenges are difficult, but realistic. They provide participants with a goal to work towards and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. They build motivation, teamwork and trust and have a profound effect on all participants.

Past Mates4Mates Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges have included activities like trekking Kokoda, kayaking across the Bass Strait and sailing in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

These challenges have a strong focus on rehabilitation. It is by facing a safe level of physical or psychological stress, and being pushed outside of their comfort zone, that participants regain lost confidence and self-worth.

Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges

All Rehabiltation Adventure Challenges are open to Mates around Australia - so even if an activity is not happening where you live we will fly you to where you need to be. There are some personal costs involved in some activities but these are all outlined in the information handbook for each activity.

If you are interested in any of our Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges, click on the links above or contact us at