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Dealing with grief

Grief occurs whenever we experience loss. We tend to think about grief in terms of the death of a loved one but any situation in which we experience loss can result in feelings of grief. Our grief can also be anticipatory.


Five school holiday activities to do with your kids

Need some inspiration over the school holidays? We have come up with our top five activities you can enjoy with your kids from the comfort of your own home.


Talking to children and teenagers about COVID- 19

Like all of us, children and teenagers are learning to navigate something they’ve never known before. They are also hearing different information about COVID-19 and quite naturally might have some questions. Finding a supportive yet honest way to talk to them about COVID-19 can help protect them and reduce their fear.


Managing uncertainty in today's world

People thrive when there is certainty in their lives – when there is routine and familiarity. It provides us with a sense of, safety, security and predictability and helps us anticipate and deal with any curve balls that life may throw our way. But this also means that when life does become uncertain, mental health symptoms can develop or be exacerbated.


Parenting tips during-self isolation

Increased self-isolation is likely to create significant challenges in the way that we parent and manage relationships with family members. Below are some tips that the Mates4Mates psychology team have put together to help you manage parenting during these times.


Mates4Mates delivers top end veteran support

Mates4Mates is expanding their support and rehabilitation services to the Northern Territory, ensuing veterans and their families are supported in the top end.