What we do

We provide rehabilitation and support services in times of need.

At Mates4Mates, we are here to support veterans, current-serving members, and the families that stand by their side.

We provide services.
From physical rehabilitation and psychology services, to skills and wellbeing programs, and social connection activities – our innovative and evidence-led services improve lives.

We rebuild lives. 
We foster connections and build community through our Family Recovery Centres in North Queensland, South East Queensland, Tasmania, and outreach areas. 

We collaborate. 
We’re here to support veterans and meet their ever-changing needs. We work together with like-minded organisations to provide the right support.  Together, we can reach more people.

We fundraise. 
We can help thousands of veterans and their families, because of the generous support of our community and partners. Every donation enables us to do more.

Our services

Physical rehabilitation and wellbeing

Targeted programs to help with recovery from injury and improve health and wellbeing.

Psychological Services

Evidence-based therapies tailored to individuals, couples and family members in need of support.

Skills for recovery programs

Innovative skills-based programs to improve resilience, including Rehabilitation Adventures and Equine Therapy.

Social connection activities

Regular opportunities for mateship and peer support through social and family activities.

Latest news


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It is only through your generosity that we can meet the ever-increasing need for our services. Your support matters. 

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