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Men’s Health Week – Making positive changes

This week is Men’s Health Week, an important initiative focused on improving the physical health and mental health of men across the world. In this article our Exercise Physiologist Nami dives into hard truths about men’s health and the positive lifestyle changes that can be made.


Cody's Story

As the child of a veteran, I know first hand how challenging mental health and transitioning to civilian life can be. Join me in building a community veterans can depend on.


Brie's Story

Help me make a lasting impact on the lives of veterans. As a Mates4Mates Liaison Officer, I know first-hand our community is life-changing for veterans and their families.


Managing diabetes with exercise

Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes, is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. Although there is currently no cure, with daily self-care and exercise, you can live an enjoyable life by learning about the condition and effectively managing it.


Introducing Arts Therapy

We are excited to launch our brand-new Arts Therapy program for veterans and their families at our South East Queensland Family Recovery Centre.


Shifting our beliefs about pain

It’s very common to feel frustrated about pain. You’ve tried it all - taken the advice of what seems like every allied health professional, self-diagnosed via Google search and purchased strange teas, oils, supplements and back braces from Facebook – and nothing has worked.