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PTSD and Exercise

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a prominent mental health issue for military veterans. It is commonly distinguished by a set of reactions that can develop in people who have been exposed to a traumatic event or series of events in their life.


The relationship between exercise and sleep

Sleep and exercise have a bidirectional relationship. In other words, regular exercise can help improve your sleep quality and duration, and in return, getting adequate sleep better promotes physical activity throughout the day.


Brain health later in life

Everyone’s brain changes as they age, with some retaining cognitive health and others not. Keeping the brain and body active can make a huge impact to your memory and other cognitive abilities in later life.


Building structures to better serve veteran needs

RSL Queensland and Mates4Mates are today announcing changes designed to better serve veterans’ needs today, tomorrow and into the future.


The benefits of therapeutic group programs

A therapeutic group can be quite beneficial as part of recovery as it enables individuals to provide and receive emotional support through sharing similar experiences with other group members.


The physical activity paradox

Physical activity is a well-known to improve one’s health, however, not all physical activity is beneficial.