Improved health services for Darwin veterans

23 March 2023

Health services for Darwin veterans have now been boosted, with the opening of specialist DVA GP appointments in Palmerston.

Accessing a GP can often be difficult but finding one that understands the needs of veterans can be even harder.


To solve this, veterans’ charity Mates4Mates and Veterans Medical Group have partnered to bring GP services to the Mates4Mates Palmerston Interim Centre and then from the soon-to-be opening Mates4Mates Veterans & Family Wellbeing Centre in Stuart Park.


Mates4Mates Northern Territory Regional Manager Ms Erin Leech said this new service is part of our commitment to supporting current and ex-serving Defence Force members and their families experiencing service-related physical injuries, mental health issues and isolation.


“We have partnered with Veterans Medical Group to offer these GP appointments, making a real difference for many veterans within the Northern Territory community by increasing their accessibility to a GP,” Ms Leech said.


Local veterans are making great use of these new GP appointments when visiting the Mates4Mates centre for their regular activities and events.


Veterans Medical Group Director and Dr Peter Zimmerman said he is excited to partner with Mates4Mates at Palmerston to improve veteran access to GPs to assist in their DVA journey.


“This opportunity will enable us to work closely with the DVA advocates and other members of the multi-disciplinary team to bring a streamlined and more effective service for veterans in the Territory,” Dr Zimmerman said.


Veterans Medical Group is a veteran-owned and run medical practice that provides medical services across a wide range of health and wellbeing outcomes.


They are specialist general practitioners with further interests in emergency and critical care medicine, women’s health, work cover occupational medicine, DVA management, and metabolic health.


Appointments are available every Tuesday afternoon. For veterans in the Northern Territory who would like to book an appointment, head to or call 08 7918 2555.

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