Referring to a social worker

10 November 2023

Social workers support individuals and groups in vulnerable situations to help them address social, emotional and psychological barriers they may be facing and improve their overall wellbeing.

Working in a variety of contexts and environments, social workers focus on addressing systematic issues an individual is experiencing by utilising skills such as problem solving, advocacy and counselling to help find solutions. 

How social workers can help veterans and family members 

Social workers will consider an individual’s situation within their environment, taking family, society and other factors into consideration, additionally they can provide advocacy to additional organisations and resources that can support to veterans and their family members.  

Social workers can help with many concerns faced by veterans and their families, including: 

  • Family and relationship support 
  • Housing needs 
  • Substance use concerns 
  • Helping at-risk individuals to manage various challenges 
  • Advocacy on behalf of an individual who may be facing barriers related to applications or access to resources or other organisations.  

Mates4Mates social workers can also provide individual counselling to support veterans and family members with a range of issues including relationships and family, managing mental health, grief and loss, stress management, communication skills and self-care. 

Support at Mates4Mates 

For current serving personnel or veterans, referrals are preferred from your GP or specialist prior to making an appointment with a Mates4Mates social worker. Please contact your GP or specialist to discuss eligibility for a DVA referral prior to making your first appointment. Referrals are not required for family members. 

Telehealth appointments are also available with a Mates4Mates social worker if an individual is unable to attend face-to-face services as a result of distance, illness, or injury.    

If you’re a veteran or family member and want to find out more about how Mates4Mates can support you, reach out to us on 1300 4 MATES (62 837) for a confidential chat.   

Written by Adem Keranovic, Mates4Mates Clinical Lead – Counselling & Social Work 

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