Employment and Education Support Services

We work with expert providers to help injured Defence Force Mates (and their families) grow their career confidence, skills and find employment opportunities in the civilian workforce.

Alongside specialist providers we provide:

  • Vocational assessments and counselling
  • Career coaching and mentoring (including CV preparation and interview skills)
  • Education and training
  • Employment Services 
  • Employment experience support (volunteer work placements; peer mentoring)

We work with experts in the field to provide comprehensive career coaching session, which provide the 'must-have' tools and techniques needed to conduct an effective job search.

From there, we offer career coaching to assist in matching occupations, industries or courses that are best aligned with your skills and knowledge.


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ADF Transition success stories
Meet five former ADF personnel who have successfully transitioned to civilian life. Hear more about their stories and the skills and attributes they bring to their civilian careers.

ADF_Transition Success Stories -Video


Industry leaders talk about the value of ex-ADF personnel
Ex-Service Organistion CEOs from RSL Australia, Soldier On and Mates4Mates talk together with Industry CEOs about the skills and attributes of former ADF personnel and the value they bring to their businesses.

ADF_Industry Leaders -Video