Mates4Mates One-Day Wellness Programs

Our One-Day Wellness Programs aim to assist participants in managing and improving their mental and physical health through an integrative and holistic approach.

This is achieved through having the veterans and family members challenge themselves, connect with others and learn psychological skills to assist with their emotions and thinking.

Each program asks veterans and family members to focus on exploring the different ways to practice mindfulness by undertaking a class or participating in an activity or experience with other like-minded people.

One-Day Wellness Programs are delivered in person throughout various locations in Australia and offered to veterans and family members only.

Upcoming One-Day Wellness Programs

09 Mar

One-Day Wellness - Mindfulness, Mat Pilates & Art, Ipswich

Are you a veteran or family member looking to improve your mental health and wellbeing? Join us for Mindfulness, Mat Pilates and Art in Ipswich for our next One-Day Wellness Program.

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